Ex-Employee's PF-Balance/Claim Status


Ex-Employee Number :                 

PF Account Number : MH /5354 /


It has been observed that, in spite of repeated communications, some of the Provident Fund Subscribers have not encashed / deposited their PF settlement cheques given by the Bajaj Tempo Limited Provident Fund Trust.

It has also been observed that a number of Provident Fund Subscribers, who have neither applied for withdrawal nor opted for transfer of Provident Fund contribution after leaving the Organisation - Force Motors Ltd.(earlier known as Bajaj Tempo Limited).

Bajaj Tempo Limited Provident Fund Trust, once again requests all the PF Subscribers, who have not yet deposited their PF settlement cheques, to deposit the same or submit fresh requisition on priority. Also those who have already left the services of Force Motors Ltd., should transfer / withdraw their PF contribution, failing which Bajaj Tempo Limited Provident Fund Trust will be forced to transfer the amount to Senior Citizen Welfare Fund as per advice received from the PF Authorities.

Contact No.:020-27404702 /
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